Faq/Useful info

Useful info
How are the work phases split up?

Translation + Editing + Draft proofreading are the most common steps in our work flow.

What does Editing mean?
What does proofreading mean?
Are your translators mother tongue?
Where do your translators work?
What languages do you offer?
How do I get the documents to you that need translating?
How can I send you a file that is bigger than 10 Mb?
What are the document formats you work with?
Are you able to keep the original layout?
How long do I have to wait for my translation?
Do you offer sworn or legalised translations?
Do you offer interpreting services?
How do you select your translators?
What guarantees do you offer as regards to quality?
What guarantees do you offer as regards to the punctuality of the agreed deadline?
What guarantee do you offer regarding the confidentiality of the information?
Can I give feedback about the translation you provide me with?
Do you use automatic translations?
Who are your main clients?
Estimate and Price Policy
How can I get an estimate?

The best way to get an estimate for a translation is to fill in the form on our site or send a mail directly to: info@pegasotraduzioni.it.

What is your price policy?
How do I receive your estimate?
What method do you use for sending your invoice?
What are your payment terms?
What are the types of payment you use?
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