Each day Pegaso Traduzioni is busy finding the most suitable response to the translation requirements of companies working in the global market with its offer of more than 40 languages thanks to a team of mother tongue translators selected based on their specific field of expertise.

The sectors in which we work range from professional technical documents which comprise operating and maintenance manuals, lists of spare parts, user guides, technical specifications, tenders and bids, patents and also press releases, commercial documents, brochures plus economic documents, financial statements, quality system manuals, contracts, sworn translations, publications, advert materials and for convention and websites (translating and locating sites on the Internet)
Our focus on how commercial trends and company markets change and evolve has led us to specialise in Eastern European and Far East languages in order to meet the growing demands of translations into Russian, Chinese and Arabic and many other languages.

Steps of a translation project:

Our professionalism, proficiency, reliability and punctuality is constantly praised by our client companies that trust in the way we work, organised to be quick and efficient:
As soon as the document to translate enters our e-mail inbox it is taken in hand by a project manager who has the job of co-ordination – translator, proofreader and client. In the case of multi-language projects, the project manager has the overall responsibility of the project and is the contact for the client. This person is able to manage and plan translation times in full compliance with the deadline required by the client.
The document is then assigned to the translator selected who, among the other work tools, uses glossaries – in the shape of a database – containing the specific technical terminology used for a certain sector or for a certain client. During the course of the translation, the translator can count on advice from experts in various sectors, help in the computer field and access to a vast terminological database.
Once the translation has been completed it is the turn of the proofreader who checks the translation for its completeness, grammar, style and terminological and interpretation correctness. The proofreader also updates the glossaries at the end of the job to ensure uniformity and transversal consistency of the technical terminology in translations of different types of texts done for the same client.
Your files will be overwritten in the target language with absolutely no change to graphics or layout of your documents.
All the steps we have explained above are carried out with maximum confidentiality of the information you have given us.
Pegaso Traduzioni’s Project Managers are at your complete disposal if you need any more details about the services offered.
Call them now for more info

Deadlines vary according to the number of words and type of source text (e.g. generic, technical or sector-based). Our daily capacity is approximately 3,000 words.
All our efforts are aimed at keeping to the agreed deadline and for this reason we look forward to an active collaboration and open dialogue with the client.
Depending on the size of the texts we can give you the following classification:

Small documents
(from 500 to 3,000 words)
Regardless of the length of the document a quality control is deemed essential to ensure there are no errors in the text and that its original format has been maintained. With this in mind, we calculate about 48 hours is reasonable for translating and delivering a file of 2,000 words. However, it goes without saying that more time we have more time we can dedicate to a more exhaustive quality control of the final text.

Medium sized documents
(from 3,000 to 10,000 words)
In the case of documents containing from 3,000 to 10,000 words, translation times depends on the project. Our internal team is expert in programming production, entrusting the project to the most proficient translator in a specific sector without having to split the text among several translators. This avoids the risk of losing lexical and stylistic uniformity. The delivery of a document containing 10,000 words is about 5-7 working days.

More voluminous documents
(more than 10,000 words)
Thanks to cutting edge computer tools we have at our disposal, and to the creation of bilingual glossaries, we are experts in multi-language translation projects of a considerable size which are efficiently co-ordinated by our internal staff with single mother tongue translators. This approach means we are able to provide you with a superior quality translated document.



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