Translations of advertising texts and press releases

Translations of advertising texts and press releases


Our clients are perfectly aware that the success of marketing strategies is linked closely to communications and to the corporate image. A high value international presentation of company products goes hand in hand with the quality and accuracy of the translated texts.
In the case of publicity/advertising texts the translation process calls for that something extra: it is simply not enough to be an expert linguist – here one needs to reprocess the message and render it to draw the attention of users of other countries whilst maintaining it as close to the original meaning as possible or else it would lose its effectiveness and nullify the investments made in advertising.

Our team of advert translators put to use their specific training and knowledge of the products, of the target market, of cultural differences and lifestyles of the consumers in the different countries. Moreover, our translators realise the importance of faithfully conveying the message created by the publicist while still being free to alter the text from a linguistic and cultural point of view to reach the target it was designed for, i.e. to draw the attention and interest of the consumers of the target market.

We can translate many types of advertising and marketing texts into the majority of European and non European languages, like for instance:

  • Product brochures and flyers
  • Press releases
  • Institutional magazines
  • Company profiles
  • Sales catalogues
  • Advertising messages and slogans
  • Documents for fairs
  • Market research/questionnaires
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