Language courses for companies and professionals

Language courses for companies and professionals


We offer our clientele tutoring and logistic assistance in Italy and abroad: mother tongue teachers, programmes focussed on the learner’s needs, maximum time schedule flexibility. Our courses are planned to meet the required level of knowledge, specialising in the sectorial language to enable dialogue with foreign managers and technicians.

Our method begins by assessing the starting level and defining the end result wanted. Each company is different and our teachers are qualified to meet all demands.

We analyse the language proficiency required of your staff and plan the optimum ad hoc solution for their needs.

Always bear in mind that investing in a company language course means opening up your market horizons to the whole world while also incrementing your commercial opportunities and bettering that indispensable element which is company competitiveness. But is also means training your employees so they may then take on greater responsibilities, increasing your number of clients and conveying a dynamic image of your company.

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