About Us

Dynamic and Professional

Pegaso Traduzioni was set up in Reggio Emilia in 1996 and works in the top quality translation and language services for companies. Right from the start its main target was to create a new business model based on the use of high tech systems and modern communication channels for its translation services, first and foremost Internet. Business gradually increased over the years to become a powerful structure capable of offering first-rate levels of professionalism, specialisation and efficiency. The internal Project Manager team manages (mostly co-ordination and control) a workforce of more than 300 external translators, handling thousands of translated pages every year.

Why should you choose Pegaso Traduzioni?
All our translators work from their own offices which means huge savings on travelling and fixed costs etc., which is why we are able to reduce our costs which is even more beneficial for our clients as we can offer them particularly convenient translation services.
Pegaso Traduzioni counts entirely on highly specialised professional translators. One of our Project Managers will take you translations in hand and then manage each single step.

Our values

As our freelancers are located in many different countries with many different time zones we can translate huge volumes of words thanks to our team work, available 24 hours a day.
We respond quickly to the clients’ requests and start working immediately after the agreement.
We are all long-standing professionals in the translation market.



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