Quality Policy


The best way to ensure an accurate translation is to call on professionals who, besides being mother tongue of the target language also have an excellent knowledge of the source language, which is exactly how Pegaso Traduzioni approaches it. However, today global companies are demanding even more.
The requests for translations are increasingly more specialised concerning particular or niche sectors, consequently highly specialised translators are needed who, besides the required linguistic experience, have to possess a thorough knowledge and expertise of the topic to be translated. Our translation agency can count on numerous linguists who have a great deal of experience in one or more sectors, e.g. financial, technical or commercial. And it is thanks to our staff that we are able to offer high quality translation services.
One very simple example: on equal terms as far as linguistic proficiency is concerned, you cannot expect a literature expert to translate an electronic manual with the same quality standard as an electronic engineer! And this is our answer to the dynamic translation requirements of international companies: find the translator who has the right skills for the client’s project. We are following this path with a growing number of clients in all sectors, pursuing the aim of delivering a perfect translation in all fields.


The quality of our management System and the professionalism of the translation service provided by our translators and interpreters are certified by compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and 15038:2006 standards and are guaranteed by:

• an accurate selection of our exclusively “native speaker” staff;
• an update in the computer and telecommunication sectors which includes all the main and most recent hardware and software applications;
perfect synergy between human resources and technologies that guarantee a quick and accurate job as well as maintaining deadlines;

Moreover, our translation services boast the highest possible quality standards, among which:
translators selected according to their specialisation with knowledge of the basic/advanced concepts of the various industrial sectors and relative language as well as terminological proficiency;
• use of cutting edge computer and terminological search systems;
customisation based on the client’s specific terminology;
creating and managing specific glossaries per sector and per client;
proofreading and quality control.

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