Translations for China

Translations for China


Translations for China

China is a great Asian republic and is the third biggest country in the world and the first in terms of total population. This country has a truly ancient history and culture that have left us today an important legacy of legends, myths and folklore.

Spoken languages

Many different languages are spoken today in China but the official language of the People’s Republic of China is standard Mandarin which is part of the Han or Sino-Tibetan group of languages and stems from the Beijing dialect. In the olden days Chinese was characterised by an infinite number of dialects which were often completely different one from the other and because of this a language common to the whole country was needed in order to communicate among the various regions, often long distances away from each other.

Translating Italian documents to use in China

It has been some years now that China has become one of the fastest growing economies and this has greatly influenced commercial relations with other countries, Italy included. Its low-cost manpower and policies to attract foreign investors have led many companies to set up production facilities in China which has, of course, increased the need to translate documents to use there. Just think, for instance, of all the quality procedures linked to industrial productions that have to be used by local manpower who do not always know English.

For translations of this kind we have our own highly experienced local translators who know all about the companies they are dealing with.

Chinese interpreting

Besides the more traditional service of translating all kinds of documents, we also have a whole host of interpreting services to offer our clients, including:

Liaison interpreting with a technical content, useful for dealing with commercial negotiations and for the technical training of Chinese employees.

Interpreting at fairs, essential for taking part in numerous international fairs organised for the various trade sectors.

Consecutive interpreting used mostly when you want to take part in conferences, meetings, conventions or workshops held in Chinese

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more info or to ask for translation, sworn translation, legalisation and/or interpreting estimates

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